Ghost Follower [VRChat]

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Floats next to you where ever you go!💠

Can sit on your shoulder for a Spot light, or float in front for a Point light!

Can do a Scanning effect with what you are looking at!

Can sit on your left hand and do Spot light and Scanning effects!

Revive animation plays when you go AFK!

➔ Comes with:

Ghost Prefab
Ghost Model
Default Ghost Textures with 1 shell and 4 different eyes
Ghost Icons and menus
Follows you around
Shoulder spot light and points to what you are looking at
Fake volumetric beam on spot light
Floating point light to light up the whole area
Glowing orb effect on point light
Scanning effect
Fake volumetric and scan lines effect
Float in left hand toggle
Spot light and scan effect in left hand
Revive animation/effect when you go in AFK mode
• +50 different skins [All skins are separated into individual DLC purchases]

Additional Skin Packs for Purchase!

New extra eyes pack!

Idea by Hyroe

➔ Dependencies:

Poiyomi Toon shader version 8.1.166 or newer

➔ Note:

This product was intended to be used in VRChat with SDK3

➔ Credits:

Credits to Bungie:
Glowing Orb, scanning, and volumetric effects by Nebula Animations

Follower Prefab by VRLabs
Everything else done by me ^w^
Extra skins by: Unluckyduck23, trotq, me, and Agent!

➔ Rights:

Public avatars: Allowed
Commissioned avatars: Allowed(if both people own the asset)
• No Commercial license. You can NOT include my assets in your Unity packages

• By purchasing this, you agree to NOT to share the files with anyone that has NOT bought the asset

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✅ You'll get a Ghost Follower prefab to easily attach to your VRChat avatars!

💠 Floats and follows next to you!
🔅 Sits on your shoulder for a spot light!
🌀 Flies in front of you for a point light!
🌐 Scan effects with what you are looking at!
✋ Can sit on your left hand!
👀 Can use spot light and scan while in your left hand!
🧾 VRCFury Installation with instructions!
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Total Memory
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PCVR Compatible
Quest Compatible
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Ghost Follower [VRChat]

292 ratings
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